A downloadable game for Windows

This is the Game Jam version of the game that eventually became Sixit. You can check out the full release on itch.io, the App Store, or Google Play!

This game was made in a weekend for Ludum Dare 42! Give us a vote over there:  https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/42/six-spaces


You have SIX SPACE BAR presses

When you RUN OUT OF SPACE, you die

SPACE uses your equipped action

Using your equipped action automatically CYCLES to your next action


You play as Pep, a small woodland creature on a small adventure. Collect the 6 artifacts that allow you to progress in the game. The space bar is used for all actions, but be careful, you only have 6  spaces in each run.

Use your puzzle solving skills to wake the slumbering dragon to escape a doomed land.


Arrow keys: move

Space key: equip action, use equipped action


Fixed bug where sloth text draws behind UI. 

Fixed bug where jumping while standing against ledge guy doesn't work.

Fixed audio bug when attacking ledge guy.

Install instructions

Simple executable!

Download the ZIP file,  right click to export/unzip, then double click the executable.


SixSpaces.zip 34 MB

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