A downloadable game for Windows

You're in heck, but (as you may have heard) heck is no fun. You get a great idea. What if you left. With an iron will and a whole lot of blocks, you may just be able to climb your way out of here.

This is Hecklimber.

Hecklimber was made in a weekend for the Game Maker's Toolkit game jam 2017 (https://itch.io/jam/gmtk-jam)


  • W = Jump
  • W (in air) = Double jump
  • A = Move left
  • D = Move right
  • Left click = Throw block
  • Left click (hold) = Throw bomb block


Most elements of Hecklimber are designed to serve multiple purposes (per the theme of the game jam).

  • Jumping: how you get around + destroys blocks below your feet
  • Double Jumping: helps you climb higher + places blocks below your feet
  • Throwing blocks: defeats enemies + creates terrain for you to climb
  • Throwing bomb blocks: defeats enemies + destroys obstacles
  • Enemies: drill through blocks + damage the player
  • Breaking blocks: provides pickups + clears obstacles + increases challenge
  • Smog rising from below: forces progress + destroys blocks


Hecklimber 10 MB