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factori is now "Word Factori"

factori 1.0 features

the 2021 GMTK Game Jam winner, Word Factori (previously known as factori), is now a fully featured game. try the free demo!

Word Factori is a game about creating all the letters of the alphabet from the letter i, chaining together a system of satisfying factories to form words.

starting with the letter i, you will apply rotations, reflections, bending, and merging to craft more complex letters. create your interconnected system of factories and link them to the blue bins at the top of the screen to produce the required letter or word. 

then sit back and smile as your beautiful machines chug along.

Word Factori was originally made in 48 hours for the 2021 GMTK Game Jam, where it was selected for Mark Brown's top 20 games, and was ranked #2 by popular vote. we have since expanded the game into its current full version.

want more from Star Garden Games? 

check out Sixit, and join us on Discord & Twitter!
Sixit: https://stargardengames.itch.io/sixit
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Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $6 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Version 7
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Version 6
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Download demo

factori-linux-demo.zip 120 MB
Version 7
mac-demo.dmg 125 MB
Version 6
factori-win-demo.zip 119 MB


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Bug report: It doesn't seem like Z's created by rotating an N are capable of being turned into S's after being reflected.

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All Of This Is For The Devs.

Edit : Post replies as stuff for the developers.

I couldnt upload it, so here is a picture of a changing x.

Is there a way to change the resolution? At least in the ini config? It's quite blurry at 4K fullscreen.


Hello, unfortunately there's no way to do that in the current build. We're working on an update and one of the new features is to bump the resolution to 1080p (we tried 4K, but it caused too many performance issues to be worth it). 1080p should be a significant improvement though since it divides evenly into 4K


Thanks for the quick response. Right, so it's even less than 1080p now, I didn't realize. It's fine, I got used to it after a bit and no longer notice it. I'm enjoying it, finished all the preset levels and looking forward to doing the dailys :)


So is it worth buying it here, or wait 6-12 months to get it from steam? Is it essentially the same game, or is the steam release bigger and more expensive. I don't want to buy it here only to own half the game it is on steam.


Hi, once we release on Steam we'll also be releasing the update on Itch as well. It'll include hard mode, dark mode, as well as some other features. So feel free to buy on whichever platform you prefer :) 


I am sure you get a bigger cut from itchio than from steam so when I can I ll pick the game from here. Thanks for the clarification.


I'd really like to play this.  But I'll either wait for Steam or Android.

I understand charging, don't get me wrong, but I think you're limiting yourself with this sort of casual game.  Have you considered doing a browser version, like Wordle, and doing daily puzzles like they do?  You could really be in the money if you're picked up by the NYT.  Just a thought.

Looking forward to playing!

Interesting idea! Releasing on steam is our only immediate plan for now, but a mobile version is definitely an option we may explore later


Yeah... immediate plan... yeahhh....

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i got an error




action number 1

of Other Event: Game End

for object oPersistent:

Data structure with index does not exist.

at gml_Object_oPersistent_Other_3


gml_Object_oPersistent_Other_3 (line -1)

what is the font that you've used?



I found the font for but do not know what the name is so here but.... the name of the file is NOT the name


from blazebrown87222


Is it fedoka one?



i would like the ability to make numbers in version 1.1 (e.g bending a z becomes a 2)


I finished a full game level, in the demo


I completed full game in Demo & Purchased Version


I still have the full version for free, cuz I installed it before they made it paid. LOL!


Sounds like you have the jam version, the paid version has more ;)

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ohhhhh i did the same thing also how do you do T

upside down l + rotated i

i also made a # from 2 vertical lines + 2 horizontal lines


Is there a way to still get the jam version? Is that the demo?

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I will cry a lake with my file "(;png" who is now ");png" (Yes I actually have a file named that)


I had a great time omg! I love Factory style games and this game is up there for me! It's difficult but very rewarding when you get it right! I'll definitely be purchasing this game! Thank you!

I'm a Content Creator with a focus on Indie Games and Game Jam games!

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If you shift-click a reflector it becomes a vertical reflector and if you shift-click a rotator it becomes a counter-clockwise rotator

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I found these 2 people commented on how to make these letters in factori:

I thought I'd leave a small guide for anyone who needs it:

A: Put 2 i's in a combiner, rotate it twice, then rotate a different i once, then combine them together

B: Make 2 different i's round, rotate them both twice, then combine them both with one normal i (using the triple combiner).

C: Make a normal i round.

D: Make a normal i round, flip (Mirror it) and combine it with one normal i

E: Rotate 3 normal i's once and  combine them with one normal i (Using the Quad Combiner)

F: Rotate 2 normal i's once and combine them with one normal i (using the triple combiner)

G: Make one normal i round, rotate a different normal i once, then combine them both with one normal i (using a triple combiner)

H: Make a "T", rotate it once, then mix it with one normal i

I: If you need help with this one I would advise seeing a medical professional

J: Make a normal i round, rotate it once, and then mix it with one normal i

K: Make a "V", rotate it 3 times, then combine it with one normal i

L: Rotate a normal i, then mix it with with one normal i

M: Make a "V", then combine it with 2 normal i's (using the triple combiner)

N: Make a "V", then combine it with one normal i.

O: Make 2 normal i's round, mirror only 1 of them, then combine them together.

P: Make a "D", then combine it with one normal i

Q: Make an O, then mix it with one normal i

R: Make 1 normal i round, mirror it, then combine it with 2 different normal i's

S: Make a "Z", mirror it, then make it round.

T: Make an "L", rotate it twice, after that, rotate a different normal i, then combine them both together

 U: Make a normal i round, rotate it once, and then mix it with 2 normal i's

V: Combine 2 normal i's together

W: Combine 4 normal i's together (using the quad combiner)

X: Make 2 "V"s, rotate one of them twice, then combine them together

Y: Combine 4 normal i's together (using the triple combiner)

Z: Make 2 "V"s, rotate one once, and rotate the other one three times, after that, combine them together

Tips: You don't need an i producer for every thing, you can use one producer for different things (like making a V)

Your allowed to build on wires, so use all the space necessary

Try not to use more than 2 i's per letter, anymore and your wasting space.

Not everything has to be no the bottom, if you have room, build factories above other factories

Don't build anything TOO close to each other, it can sometimes crash the game


Thanks for reading, this took me like 20 mins lol

i wish there was a steam version because i could buy it and more purchases due to more platforms of release

A upside down V + rotated I
B P + flipped C
C bent I
D flipped C + I
E I + rotated I + rotated I + rotated I
F I + rotated I + rotated I
G C + I + rotated I
H I + I + rotated I
J rotated C + I
K ccw rotated V + I
L I + rotated I
M upside down V + upside down V
N upside down V + I
O C + flipped C
P D + I
Q O + I
R P + I
S flipped bent Z
T upside down L + rotated I
U bent V
V I + I
W I + I + I + I
X upside down V + V
Y I + I + I
Z rotated V + rotated I

Comment if any are wrong!

That's all.


why make the game paid?


The only way we can support ourselves and dedicate more time to making games is if we can support ourselves financially. Like most people, we need money to live. 


you should care to the players... other things can make money too (i live in brazil)


That's just plain rude tho. The devs have worked so hard towards this and you tell them to not support themselves through it? WOW

Th3_Frog Is RUDE


sure, donations can do something, but most people won't bother and the other way (ads) are gonna make the game feel like poop


to mess with us


*bug report*
When you connect input and output and drag the buildings to overlap, the game crashes.

Great game, I have a few questions. Is the jam version still available? Will you still release the game on steam? Will the price be the same on steam?


Right there at the bottom, it's the demo version.


But that is not the jam version, that's a demo that they released when factori 1.0 released. I am searching for the first version of this game that was used in the jam, but I doubt it that that is still available.


The jam version is unavailable for the time being. We do plan to release the game on steam and will likely keep the price the same for the steam version.


nice! you inspired me to make a game(alphabit) in itch.io similar to this!


That's awesome, glad we could inspire you! :D

I added a box with your A into my game

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There's a free demo! Just above the Comments section, there is a Demo section with links to download for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Can I download the Demo?

Just above the Comments section, there is a Demo section with links to download for Windows, Mac and Linux!

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right. got it.


Where is it?


Just above the Comments section, there is a Demo section with links to download for Windows, Mac and Linux!

I can make text


Really good game! Even the demo version was fun tbh (although it was hard trying to make some letters)

Finished it in like 2 hours :/ And since I've discovered all letters (and #) new words don't seem super exciting...

I wonder if there is a way to increase the longevity of this game?

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Besides typing your own words or trying the community ones? A lot of letters have multiple recipes, so I guess you could challenge yourself that way (if you haven't yet). Then I think it would just be minimizing everything you can, less factories, feeding multiple letters from the same machines, making it faster/more efficient, etc.

I would like to see lower-case added, we just need a way to make a dot I guess...but then numbers or non-English characters there's a lot of potential.

We already got some non-english charactars like Alpha (A), Beta (B), Epsilon (E), Lambda (vf V), Zeta (Z), Aleph (ccw A), and ect

We have plans to add more features that will add longevity! In the meantime, you can search for more hidden letter arts and alternate ways to form letters!

I'm struggling with "S" now.

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Having trouble?

Here's the following step:

S flipped bent Z

The step will help you do the letter S.

You went that far- I (thought) it was a Belt Hr C

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But I figured out it's actually a bent vf Z, wich makes no sense

That was fun, just a bit challenging and definitely makes you want more. Are all the user levels possible though? I'm struggling with "S" now. :)


S is reflected Z through a bender.

Wow, I would not have come up with that, thanks.

How to make Z?

This is pretty fun! though it is annoying when you think a letter can be created this way, but then it can't.

side note: how do you create a y? i can only make N's and J's.

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Yeah, sometimes they are simpler than you think or need to be done a specific way.

*hint* How would you make a "Y" combining two other letters?

Also the recipes you've unlocked are in the journal, even if you made one accidentally in another level it would be there.

You can also make Y by combining 3 letters. Guess which. ;)

3 i's?

y = i + i + i

(1 edit) (+2)

I love this game!

Btw: when installing via the Itch app for Mac, instead of installing the game it installs a folder containing the DMG containing the game. Not sure if this is a bug with the game or with the Itch app!

Also, unless I'm wrong, a flipped ( isn't a ).


you are...


Well then I've found a different and stranger bug on a user-submitted level!

i mean the part where you said flipped ( is not )

Congrats on releasing the game

Thank you!

wait it’s just fredoka one??

Always has been…

Cause maybe was the font.....




also this is my random power generatorMAKE THE GAME FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE




well too bad i still buy it


Then please at least make this available on Steam already!!




Because then more people would know about this game and it would sell way more. Plus, you can use tools like ReShade to make the experience way better!


thank you for buying and playing :)

also np i really wanted the full game

me too but i don't have $6

THANK YOU ALL FOR replying. this is the most Replied comment in the entire itch.io

yeah im wrong


I managed to crash the game by placing a input node on an output node and hitting play. xD

It was an amazing concept and I can't wait to play more!!!

:( i don't have usd because i live in vietnam


Just because you live in vietnam doesnt mean you cant have USD

5 USD in vietnam is 115062,5 vietnam dong

You can turn any currency to USD as long as you know the value

You can google 5 USD to (your currency)

the vietnamese dong is a very nice currency


Hello! Having an issue where the Mac version won't open because it can't be checked for malicious software. Do you know if you've got an update coming to address this? Thanks!

In Windows i had the problem that Windows detected the program as malicious software to, but don't worry, there's nothing wrong with it, Mac just doesn't know where the software comes from and because it's an .exe (which can do MANY things), it's careful.


Workaround: go to the app in Finder, then right-click on it and select "Open".  Then it gives you an option to launch anyway.

That worked! Thank you!


hi we wrote a guide for this issue, sorry I wish there was a easy way for us to fix it on our end :'( 


Wow, great idea !


really awesome game. I would love to be able to look at the recipie book while building in a level. I can't remember all the combinations I need! Also, saving a level would be awesome.


Thanks for the suggestions! These are both features on our to do list :)


Is there a way to make spaces or &s

This game is great would recommend

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